Using a Chromebook on or off NPS campus

On campus, applies to all schools and Central Office

Guest wi-fi

If the computer was issued to you by NPS IT, simply turn on or open lid of Chromebook.

The computer will automatically connect to wi-fi,  Google Chrome login will appear with domain. Enter your name and password to log into Chrome.

If you are using a personal Chromebook, select the wi-fi drop down menu, school specific guest network will be displayed; ex.  NHS-Guest or JSS-Guest etc. select appropriate Guest network then Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) page will appear (see below) - Click on Agree, you are now connected to the internet and can login to Chrome.

NPS wi-fi

If you have been issued a Novell account, you can log into NPS using the same credentials.

If you do not have a Novell account - you can ask for a special login account from the main office or school personnel.

Please note: There is no printing allowed on the Wi-Fi network at this time.  


Off Campus - But used at any NPS school, You have to be manually select and log into NPS or Guest network.

If you take the Chromebook out of the NPS network, home for example, use your home wi-fi log in procedure - proceed to NPS domain Chrome login.