Mitel Client - Add Personal Contacts

There are two ways to add contacts to the Mitel Desktop Client - via call history or manually via the "Other contacts" list.

- Please note - in order to dial a contact via the MiCollab Client you must add the phone number in the format "1+(area code)+number"

- Unfortunately contacts cannot be builk imported from Gmail, Excel, or any other source

Add Via Call History

1. Right click a phone number in call history, select "Add Contact". Type a name and (optional) company (see 2nd image below).

2. Add a 1 before the (areacode+number) in order to dial via the MiCollab Client. Click the edit button to add the 1. Click OK then OK again to close.

- The contact is now saved to the "Other contacts" list (see 2nd image below)

Add manually via the "Other Contacts" list

1. Select the contacts icon on the right of the MiCollab Client. Right click "Other contacts", select "Add Contact"

2. Type the new contacts name, select the + to the right of Phone to add a phone number

3. The description and number fields are required, click OK then OK on the previous window to close and save to "Other contacts"