Follow below to setup forwarding to another phone such as a cell phone or another extension:

1. Log into the MiCollab Web Client

2. Select SETTINGS at the left, then MANAGE STATUSES

3. Click the menu at the upper right (three dots), select NEW

4. Follow the setup as indicated in the screeshot below. To add a new number click the first drop down menu (under "Send my calls to") and select ADD NEW NUMBER

for external numbers type the areacode+number, (dont add 1 or 8, or (), see below).

To turn on and off:

1. Click your status at upper right (see screenshot below)

2. Change the status via the arrow menu

3. Click done

 - you can also change your status via the Mitel MiCollab desktop program. (see 2nd screenshot below)

Mitel MiCollab desktop program