Bomgar Remote Access General Instructions (Web Client/Desktop Client):

- Please note: For the best performance we recommend installing the desktop client - compatible with PC/MAC computers

Bomgar Access Instructions - Web Client:

1. Log into the Northampton Bomgar website via the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, or MS Edge
username: (your city username, FI-lastname, example jsmith)
password: (type your network/PC password)


2. After logging in select "My Account" on the left then"Launch Bomgar Privileged Web Console"
3. Select JUMP to the right of your computer
4. After the remote session loads you will see the Windows logon prompt. Use your city network/PC credentials

Bomgar Desktop Client Software (PC/MAC):

Please note - this software is perfectly safe, however if you choose to install software on a personally owned computer you do so at your own risk
Northampton IT Services cannot be held responsible for changes you choose to make to your computer including installing the Bomgar desktop client.

To install follow below:
a. Log into the Bomgar website above
b. Select "My Account" on the left, look for "Desktop Access Console" on the right (see screenshot above)
c. Select the platform (Likely Windows x64), click "Download Access Console"d. Install the software, log in with the same credentials listed above

Additional Details: