The instructions below require the 7-zip compression utility. If this utility is not installed (check your start menu programs list) or you are not sure please contact IT Services for assistance. If you would like to print the instructions please print the attached PDF (download link at the bottom left).

Encrypt a File or Folder - Instructions

1. Right click the file or folder you would like to encrypt, look for 7-Zip in the popup menu, select “Add to archive…”


2. The 7-Zip Add to Archive dialog box will appear. Please adjust the following options.

  • Change the Archive format to zip (1)
  • Check Show Password (2)
  • Select the ZipCrypto encryption method (3)
  • Type a password for the recipient to use to decrypt the file (4)
  • Click OK (5)

3. After clicking OK an encrypted zip file with the same name as the original file or parent folder will be created.

- Attach the zip file to an email. Do not include the password in the email - use an alternate communication method such as a phone call to relay the password.