How to use Greenshot to take window or desktop screenshots

1. Hit the PRTSCN key on your keyboard to manually select the screenshot area

    - or hit ALT - PRTSCN to automatically select the target window, CTRL - PRTSCN to take a full desktop screenshot

    - if you choose ALT-PRTSCN or CTRL-PRTSCN skip to step 4

2. If you choose the manual option use your mouse to move the + to navigate to the top left the target window or desktop area

3. Click and drag the + to the lower right

4. Release the mouse button to display the options menu such as SAVE AS at the top to save as an image

    - or SEND TO PRINTER to choose a printer to print without saving

    - or COPY TO CLIPBOARD to paste into an email to add as an embedded image

    (please note: The copy to clipboard option should only be used with manually selected screenshots or window screenshots)

Do you need additional assistance? Please open a ticket to request assistance from a member of IT Services.