Firefox and Chrome sync allows you to sync browser bookmarks, passwords, and history between computer or backup and restore to a new computer.


Click the menu button at the upper right, click "Sign into Firefox" (see below)

Next Select "Sign into Firefox/Turn on Sync"

Enter your email address

Follow the instructions to setup a Firefox account.

- Feel free to use your gmail password when setting up this account.

- Make sure all checkboxes are checked, click "Create Account"


Click the profile icon at the upper right, select Turn On Sync (see below)

Type your city gmail address (if necessary) and click continue

Select "LINK DATA" when prompted

Click "YES I'M IN"

(Optional) Confirm if browser sync is setup correctly and synchronizing:

If your our email address is listed in the sync settings you should be all set. (example below)

- please note: if the status is "paused" "disabled" or a status indicating it is not synchronizing your browser data is not synchronizing and will not backup.