City/DPW Employees - please follow below to add the FINANCE file server to your trusted sites list

1. In Excel, select FILE at the top then OPTIONS

Select Trust Center on the left, then Trust Center Settings

Select Trusted Locations on the left

Check "Allow Trusted Locations on my network (not recommended)"

Select "Add New Location" and add the following locations one at a time:

\\finance  and   \\finance\n\Dropbox_OPD

- Check the "Subfolders of this location are also trusted" checkbox

Return to the Trust Center, select Trusted documents on the left

Check "Allow docuemtns on a network to be trusted"

If the above instructions fixes the issue please follow the same instructions for Word, PowerPoint, etc.

2. If still not working please follow below:

Open Control Panel, Internet Options
Select the Security tab at the top, then Trusted Sites
Click Sites
Uncheck "Require Server verification (https:)..."
Copy and paste the sites below


Click close, go back in to make sure both sites are saved in the list

DPW Employees: Add the following

file://win2  file://win0  file://vuearc

win2.windpw.local  win0.windpw.local  vuearc.windpw.local