Mitel MiCollab Desktop Client - Initial Setup/Connect Your Phone

1. Open the MiCollab Client 7.2 via the desktop shortcut or start menu

2. Log in: 

- Your username is FI+Lastname (ex. jsmith)

- Password is 865625 or your extension #

3. After logging in you may see a popup to install the conferencing client, click YES/OK to install.

4. Add access to your voicemails: Click the Voicemail icon  at the right of the application, type your voicemail PIN

5. Very Important: Change your application password and set the program to run at startup

- Click your name at the top menu, select Manage Account

- Check both checkboxes, select change password at the top

- Your old password is 865625 or your extension #

- We recommend matching your application password to your PC password. Click OK to save

6. Set The MiCollab client to load at startup:

- Click your name at the top menu, select Manage Account

- Click the two checkboxes at the top to automatically load and log in at startup

Your MiCollab client is now tied to your office phone and will run whenever you log into your computer. Please refer to the image below and the attached instructions (pages 2-3) or contact the ITS department for assistance.

The MiCollab client is also on the web - useful in the event you need to set your out of office status or check voicemails from any computer more mobile device - including your smartphone.

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